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When a team starts putting together a successful strategic marketing plan, they know there are certain pillars that must be included or the whole thing will fall apart. Three of these important pieces are Social Media, Content Creation and SEO. They all work together to grow a company’s online presence. Of all these, the tactic most shrouded in mystery and that continues to baffle, is SEO. Search engine optimization is often overlooked because it can be confusing and takes time to learn, but without a proper SEO strategy and marketing plan, the content that has been so carefully created can get completely lost in the online world. This is why having a professional marketing strategy team is so important.

SEO Still a Mystery

SEO (search engine optimization) is always changing. To make online searching more user-friendly, Google is constantly updating its algorithm. This can mean small daily changes to giant overhauls that send businesses that have enjoyed the spotlight at the top spiralling down to the bottom. This is great for the average Google user as it allows for a better searching experience, but a nightmare for a business that has been trying to appear in the coveted 1st page ranking. Luckily, a team versed in Search, like Milgrom Marketing, can assist in making this high page ranking a reality, and help the company get in front of their customers in the online world.

Recently, Milgrom Marketing was able to increase a customer’s visibility on Google by over 2000%. This means a client that was getting lost in the Google shuffle was finally able to be seen more easily by those looking for the product/service in question.

Let’s take a closer look at how we at Milgrom Marketing were able to assist our client in increasing their visibility by such a high percentage.

Step 1: Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

A keyword is a single word or phrase that people use in their Google Searches. Consider someone looking for “Pink Flower Hats”. Some keywords could be “Pink Flower Hats”, “Flower Hats Pink” or Pink Hats With Flowers”. There are ways to find out which phrases people are using most and which phrases are being utilized most by competitors. The key to a successful keyword for this client was to find keywords of value (those with a high search volume and low competition). We then planned our content and SEO marketing strategy based on these findings.

Step 2: Keyword Implementation into Content

The next step in our client marketing plan was to include those keywords throughout our customer’s content. One big mistake companies make is to use the keywords in just one aspect of the SEO strategy, most of the time just on the website, then forgets about them in other online properties. Milgrom Marketing used the keywords discovered in the research phase and made sure to include them throughout the website (on appropriate pages), AND on the blog, in directories, videos and other important client content. We even dedicated landing pages to target more competitive keywords.

Below is a graph that outlines the growth seen over the 6th months once the plan was implemented:


Step 3: Staying on Top of Google Updates

As we discussed earlier in the post, Google is constantly performing updates to its search algorithm. We know that can affect our client’s search results drastically, so we had to make sure we were constantly in compliance with what Google deemed good search tactics to avoid penalization. Website updates, fixes and changes were made weekly to continue to stay in good standing.

Step 4: Implement a Touch of PR

PR is an important aspect of any marketing campaign. The company name needs to get out there somehow! Traditionally, a public relations plan includes radio and TV interviews, and newsprint mentions, but there are also elements to include from a Search perspective. If implemented correctly, the results can be magic, with high publicity in a fairly short amount of time. To increase our client’s website relevance we issued a series of online press releases, directory optimization (by submitting to various online sources), wrote guest posts for other relevant blogs and used several other similar SEO tactics.

Another very important aspect to note is that this was all following the rules set out by Google, otherwise known as White Hat SEO. There is something called Black Hat SEO, that manipulates and bends these rules. Sure, for a short while you’ll be at the top, but it’s a hard fall if Google’s next update doesn’t like what you’ve done. It can mean not getting found, or even getting booted from Google’s search completely. Playing by the rules can be just as easy, and way less stressful.


Once we implemented our SEO marketing strategy, we monitored the results. If a business doesn’t have the time or desire to track the daily changes and make adjustments, Milgrom Marketing offers a plan to be the watchdog ourselves. In this case, we stayed on top of everything outlined above, and it worked. Our customer went from ranking for 22 keywords to over 450 keywords in less than 6 months. We were happy we could help a client help grow their business, and our client was happy they were finally getting in front of their online audience. It was a win-win for all parties.

Not all businesses are alike. Milgrom Marketing specializes in assisting companies with their marketing plan, including content creation, strategy planning, implementation, video creation and improving search results. We put together a personalized plan that works for YOUR business.

It’s not just those new to marketing that need assistance. Sometimes a marketing department can be overworked and unable to not only create the content needed, but keep up with the day-to-day Google changes that may affect the business online ranking. If you need help with your SEO, book a free consultation today, and see how Milgrom Marketing can help you achieve your online goals!

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