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The cut-throat business world on TV may look like fiction, but when it comes to online business, there’s plenty of similarities.

With businesses becoming increasingly web-based, online competition is becoming fiercer by the day.

Your company is competing with countless others offering similar products and services. To get ahead, you need to build brand loyalty that will keep consumers coming back.

But building this brand loyalty can be tough.

You need to prove to potential customers that your product or service is exceptional.

Strong, beautiful web design is a must.

From there, you’ll need smart marketing tactics to get followers to your site. Once there, you’ll need quality content to build brand loyalty. That loyalty translates to repeat purchases.

To start building loyalty to your company, check out these five marketing tips.

1. Be Consistent

If you’re going to put effort into marketing to build brand loyalty, you have to start with a strong brand.

A strong logo and professional web presence are essential. But you have to keep delivering quality after your website is first developed.

Building a strong foundation without producing quality content is like building a mansion and filling it up with inflatable furniture. No one is going to be impressed.

To inspire brand loyalty, you have to deliver consistent, quality content with each post.

Think of your brand as your company’s story. The content you produce tells that story, and everything that you put out has to follow the plot line.

When new content doesn’t match the quality of previous content, followers lose interest. Or worse, they lose faith in your brand.

The same may happen if your posts and content begin to stray too far from your original message.

The whole point is: always be looking to build brand loyalty.

If followers feel that your company isn’t offering the same quality over time, you may lose them.

2. Generate Shares Through Great Content

Once you’ve built your brand, the easiest way to build brand loyalty is to put yourself out there.

To make sure that you and your brand get noticed, you need content that is as substantial as it is catchy.

Shocking headlines might capture the attention of social media users. But it won’t keep them coming back.

There are plenty of types of content you can provide to followers to encourage them to return to your site.

Offering advice, how-to(s), and other informative pieces is a great choice. If followers feel that what you’re offering is helpful, they’ll come back for more.

Becoming an authority means that users return to your site when they need help or tips.

You can provide information in text-based articles. But there’s likely plenty of similar content elsewhere online.

Adding video content to your company’s social media marketing agenda is a great way to stand out.

High-quality, professional content is a must if you’re going to use video in your brand loyalty plan.

Once you’ve caught followers’ eyes with this content, they’ll be eager to share it with friends. People are likely to look to friends on social media for recommendations.

This free marketing is great for attracting new customers.

3. Offer Rewards for Brand Loyalty

Many companies offer loyalty or rewards programs.

Loyalty programs are a great way to attract new customers. Those on the fence about a purchase may be more likely to buy with the incentive a loyalty program provides.

In fact, a recent loyalty survey was given to more than 19,000 consumers from Canada and the U.S.

More than 80 percent said they were more likely to do business with brands offering loyalty programs.

Most companies offer some sort of immediate incentive for joining a loyalty program. Sometimes it’s a discount on a purchase. Other times points that can be used for discounts or other rewards.

But after the initial sign up, many companies fall short. They don’t provide incentives for customers to continue following.

After that initial reward, consumers may look elsewhere for deals the next time they shop.

To build brand loyalty, you need to give followers a reason to keep coming back. Incentives like discounts for return customers and other rewards are a great way to do this.

Marketing these incentives is also key to building brand loyalty.

Followers want to know what they are getting when they join a loyalty program.

Immediate rewards might get someone to sign up. But knowing that they will continue to receive rewards helps to encourage repeat purchases.

4. Listen to Your Followers

Followers want to know that you and your company care about them.

A great way to show them that you do, and to build brand loyalty, is by responding to their comments and criticism.

Social media offers a chance for your followers to interact with the content that you produce. Pay attention to trends in the comments, and pay particular attention to any criticism.

Then, make adjustments based on this criticism.

Be sure to let followers know that you’re taking their advice, too. Mention that changes being made are due to the feedback received. Encourage followers to continue to let you know what they think.

If followers feel that you value their opinion, they’ll continue to give it to you. This means that they will continue to return to your site.

5. Hold a Drawing

One of the most popular marketing techniques among consumers on social media is the chance to win a prize.

Sometimes the prize is a gift card or discount. Other times it is the chance to be featured on a company’s site.

Hold a drawing for a prize, such as the chance to be featured on your site. Then, ask followers to share a post from your company in order to be entered into that drawing.

Your post will get shared to your followers’ friends and followers, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Plus, your followers feel connected to your brand, and their shared desire to win the prize.

If you feature a picture of the winner on your site, it’ll also build brand loyalty. Your followers will feel as though you value them as individuals. They’ll get excited for the chance to be recognized for their loyalty.

It’ll also make them much more likely to share your content the next time you hold a drawing.

Building brand loyalty takes time and effort, but in the end, it pays off with higher numbers of followers and sales. It helps you gain customers who not only purchase products or services but who also continue to come back time and time again.

With these tactics, you’ll be well on your way to building that strong following.

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