10 Quick Social Media Marketing Tips

10 Quick Social Media Marketing Tips

Delving into the world of social media marketing can be pretty overwhelming. There are apps to research, and even a certain type of etiquette to learn. When just starting out, it’s best to break it down into smaller pieces. We’ve helped you get a good start with these 10 Quick Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks you can implement into your plan today.

1. Be Organized

The first and easiest step is to create a social media marketing plan. This should include what you want to say, and where you want to say it. Create a schedule for when you’re going to write a blog post or tweet certain events. This content calendar should always be near where you’re working, either posted on your physical wall in your cubicle or on your desktop. Following this schedule is essential because the last thing you want to do is miss out on covering a big sale or holiday (like Cyber Monday).

2. Pay Attention

The social media world changes in the blink of an eye, so you need to be prepared to switch gears if need be. You don’t want to piggyback on an inappropriate hashtag or post when the rest of the world is focused on something major happening in the world. Even if done innocently, it could be seen as really distasteful. Before using a trending hashtag, understand why the hashtag is trending and if it would be appropriate for you to use in your post. Because….

3. Remember: There is a Human on the Other Side

Sometimes you can get so caught up in what you want to achieve that you forget that there is a living, breathing human reading your posts and tweets. And that human being may become a customer, so act accordingly! Always practice honesty, kindness, and be interesting if you want to win over those readers and turn them into customers. If you make a mistake, apologize immediately, just as you would do IRL (In Real Life). Remember, your social media community can quickly forgive, but the internet never forgets. That being said… 

4. Be Brave

You’ve written, what you think, is the best blog post ever, but your finger still hovers over that PUBLISH button. Sending out your first few interactions can be scary. Did you do your research? Is it interesting enough? Did you proofread it thoroughly? Is the link going where it should? Take a deep breath and relax. If you’ve done your best, then send away. The thing with social media is that it definitely gets easier the more you engage. By tweet 50 you’ll wonder how you were ever intimidated.

5. Explore Different Ways to Engage

Having conversations and sending out information are the typical ways to engage with your community, but try out other methods of interacting as well. Next time, try out a poll, or hold a contest. You may even attract new followers.

6. Don’t try to sell all the time

Obviously you want your social media efforts to evolve into sales, but that shouldn’t be your whole intent. People don’t like their social media feeds to be bombarded with sales all the time, so offer up some valuable information and insight as well. Build trust and the customers will appear!

7. Use images & video

Posts with images and video elements get more traction than simple text. Here are a few thoughts on using images and video:

  • Pick an image you can use across all social media pages for your background & profile pictures for unity (either a picture of you or the brand logo work well)
  • Find the right dimensions for each social media space & adhere to them for a clean & professional look
  • If design or photography are not your forte, don’t be afraid to hire a professional graphic designer or photographer (it will be worth it)

Using video puts a face to your company which bolsters respect and trust as a certified contender in the market. They don’t have to be long videos, even 2 or 3 minutes at first is fine. For more on video production check out Milgrom Marketing’s blog post 7 Things All Marketers Need to Know About Video Production.

8. Measure

Make sure your social media strategy is working the way you want it to by measuring your efforts vs. sales. It can be tricky in some respects to clearly see the ROI, but using a tool like Google Analytics lets you see where and when people are engaging with your brand. As with the point above, sometimes hiring someone who knows what their looking at can help you interpret what’s really happening. 

9. Don’t Forget Linkedin

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest may be the cool kids in your circle, but let’s not forget respectable and responsible LinkedIn to add a bit of professionalism to your social media strategy. Largely not thought of in regards to actual sales, but it helps with trust and how the online community views your business.

10. Always have a clear call to action

Saving the most important for last! Even in social media you have to tell your customers how to get what they want. Always send your audience somewhere that houses all the information needed to make a transaction. A few ideas to start:

  • Call us!
  • Buy it here!
  • Visit us at…!
  • Get it for less by…!

Creating landing pages on your website are an excellent idea, as they can be changed to suit a sale or event, and are pretty easy to measure when doing analytics. When posting on Facebook or tweeting about a sale remember to link to that landing page!


Doing business in today’s world means having to take on social media whether you like it or not. It may take a bit of commitment at first to get a handle on the different properties, but the reward for your time can be extraordinary for your sales.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing strategy by contacting Milgrom Marketing for your free consultation.

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