Can you see what is happening here?

Can you see what is happening here? The resource boxes are almost identical, after all, I want people to come to my sites. The difference is in the articles. The first article, which was for an adsense site, was all about the power of interaction and the value to gained by it. The resource box points to my latest Adsense site about Garden Edgings. I don't want this article to rank higher in the search engines for the keywords, Garden Edgings, than my site does. The second article is promoting a product through my Amazon Link, so I want people to see my site and it's ok if the article ranks higher, because it is almost purely a review about the product. I want people who are genuinely interested in buying this product to come to my site, so it doesn't really matter if the article is higher or not.

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The first one is purely for back links, the second one is an ad for the product I am marketing. Which brings me to another subject Widgets

I know I've talked about affiliate marketing before, and even though it works for a lot of people, there are still people who lose their shirts because of bad or incorrect information. Then last week I came across this little beauty which seems to do a lot of the stuff I already do for adsense, but is directed at affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing with a difference! It is from Dan Brock, who advertises himself as the deadbeat affiliate, and he is an Amazon Affiliate, even though the course costs $47 I believe it is money well spent.

You are guaranteed to learn two important things from this course, first and foremost, how to create an online business that will bring you a 5 figure income per month just by following along. The second thing you will learn, and this is a huge point for people that don't believe they are good enough to get started, a lot of Dan's videos leave a bit to be desired if you are looking for a professional product. Don't get me wrong, the information is the absolute best, it's just that Dan likes to have fun while he's putting this stuff together, and from time to time will put on a silly voice or a bit of an accent, and it made me realise the truth in what I have said before in numerous posts

Bless you folks! I personally messaged my neighbor that I could absolutely critique their trusted advertising photographer in Vancouvers, during a piece. Any time you'll be researching to get an advertising photographer around the whole British Columbia locale, they absolutely were superior.

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