Direct Sales Marketing: The 2 Main Methods

Marketing of a direct sales business can be done many different ways, but most all of the methods can be categorized into two different approaches. Many people get into direct sales to build a six or seven-figure monthly income (and I know several within my company that I represent, It Works! Global, who are at that income level, and got there in just a short time, so it is very realistic), and taking either of the two approaches that I am about to discuss will get you on the fast track to success, but one will accelerate you even quicker than you can imagine. A six or seven-figure monthly income, while it will indeed take work to build up to and achieve, can be built a few different ways, each way altering how quickly you can get to that income level. Now, let's discuss the two general direct sales marketing approaches.

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Conventional Direct Sales Marketing On the Fast Track to Success

This is the way that most people go about building their direct sales business. Nearly all of those people that I mentioned we're making that six-figure monthly income within It Works! built their income using this method, and got to that point in about 3-4 years (obviously the time it takes to build this kind of an income will depend on how much time that you spend marketing your business, and how efficient you are marketing your business, so that time frame varies from person to person). The typical method of marketing this kind of business is going about marketing in a way that you are not using the internet. Distributors within It Works! use a tool called the "blitz card" which is a piece of heavy stock paper that showcases our flagship product, the Ultimate Body Applicator, which "tightens, tones, and firms in as little as 45 minutes." People who use these types of tools are those who use this approach to marketing their direct sales business. These people may dabble into posting on their social media profiles, but they do not use the internet to generate the majority of their sales and sponsoring of distributors into their downline.

Modernized Direct Sales Marketing Light Speed Approach to Success

Technology has no doubt transformed everyone's lives, whether you directly use it or not. When we go to the hospital, your records are stored on computers. When you use websites across the internet, bits of data are flying around the nation through dozens of network paths like crazy because of your one simple request to visit a website or post a status on Facebook. This modernization of our technology, and more specifically the internet, has revolutionized the way that you can build your direct sales business tenfold (which is still an understatement). Using the modernized path to direct sales success includes many different avenues of using social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), blogging, advertising, etc. This track is unique, and much more efficient, because people who use modern technology and the internet to build their business now have no limits on the grounds that they can cover in a certain period of time, and while they may not be working, the internet will for them. This method of building a direct sales business seems to be more appealing to the younger generation, as they are in a lot of cases more in-tune with the latest technologies, and are adventurous in the way of wanting to tackle this approach and learn all of the secrets of marketing their business on the internet most effectively.

The best way to build a direct sales business, hands down, is to use a combination of both the conventional and modernized approach to marketing and building your direct sales business. Using the combination of the 2 main (general) approaches will allow you to cover much more territory, and build your business at a much quicker and efficient rate.

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