How Much Is It Costing You Not To Organize Your Twitter Followers?

If you read my last post, I promised that I was going to show you a way, where you could take your online relationship building skills to the next level. Many if not most network marketers, businesses, salesmen add hundreds and thousands of people on any online social network, and "vomit" their million dollar opportunities or amazing products, and that just isn't going to cut it.

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The key is to establish a relationship with people on your online network where they know you, like you, and trust you. On Twitter this starts by re-tweeting their tweets, giving them a shout out, and even a direct message (there are other ways to make this relationship stronger in which I will go over in more detail in a later post).

How do I start? by organizing your Twitter followers, and it's a lot easier than you think. I was introduced to this great desktop application by a friend, and it has dramatically changed the result and success I am getting with Twitter. What's this great desktop application you ask? It's called Tweet Deck (click here To take a look at it for yourself.)

Add, Create, and manage Lists:

Hands down the most important feature and benefit of using Tweet Deck. You're allowed to see 4 columns clearly in the tweet deck app. Each column has the ability to be not only a part of Twitter but other social media sites as well (you can see an example in the picture above), such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, And even Four Square.

I hope I can help you out further, by giving you a couple of great examples on how to effectively use your columns. By making a single column for a conversation your having with a certain follower, you can track and come back to it later on and not lose that convo in between all of the twitter clutter. Another great example is making a column to keep track of new followers, the power of recognition is priceless.

Recognize your new followers, give them a shout out or a thanks, either by @replies or a direct message. Reward good behavior ! I can't stress this enough. Set up a "mentions" column to keep a track of all people who have mentioned you (tweet deck will automatically set it up for you as soon as you download it), simply thank them back by re-tweeting their tweets or just saying thanks.

This last example is important to apply as well. If I ever had to choose one column to keep track of, it would be the "follow back" column I have. By having this column I can keep track of everyone that I've been meaning to get back to, whether it's a person who showed interest in my products, or asked me for certain information that I wasn't able to give them at that time, or maybe just a reminder to give them a shout out and say hi.

I made this sweet and short, but I hope I gave you enough information to make an impact in your social media adventure! Of course there are a variety of other desktop applications for Twitter, but I found this one to be easy and very effective. If you need help or having trouble using he application for any reason don't hesitate contacting me. I'll be more than happy helping you guys out.

I hope you found value on Todays post and if you did please share this with your Twitter and Facebook friends. I would also love to hear what you think, everyones input is valuable to me as this is for you and your success. Have an awesome Weekeverybody!

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