When I first became a network marketer

When I first became a network marketer, I was very much focused on "building my downline". Years ago, before this wonderful era of complete marketing disclosure, building a downline was an impossible feat. At least for me.

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But I persevered until I met the person who would ultimately completely change the way I looked at online marketing. And the earliest lessons I learned was not to put all my eggs in one basket. That the beauty of online marketing is that you don't have to sell just one product. I look at it like I own a store that specializes in marketing technology and information. And I am here to offer whatever it is that you need for your business, or if you don't yet have a business to offer, I can help you there too.

I became an affiliate early on for almost every product I bought, and I promote my affiliate links in different places around the internet. Sometimes I forget that I am an affiliate for some things, and when I remember, I will draft up a quick email to my list and include it at the end or something.

Don't be afraid to offer an affiliate product to a friend or acquaintance if they specifically ask you for information. If you have used a product or system and had good results, you should look at it as a favor to offer up what you know about that product.

You can also offer things occasionally without having been asked, presented as an idea that may not have been thought of yet. Again, if you know it's valuable, it is the right thing to share the information.

Many times people are caught in a trap thinking it is rude to "Sell" to friends or your listthat you should only offer free value. It may seem uncomfortable for some to actually promote a product out right because they have been taught that "Selling is bad". "Sharing valuable information", however, is completely acceptable, and, in fact, expected from a true leader. So start thinking about all those little affiliate checks you could be making each week. even if it's just enough to cover some advertising costs, it will put you ahead in the long run. Plus, it's always fun to open up your email and see that you have money waiting!

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