Effective Article Marketing

Is effective article marketing even possible for people just getting started in network marketing? Unfortunately, the number of new network marketers with successful article marketing results is quite small.

So, if making money from writing articles is as easy as everybody seems to be telling you, then why are so few new network marketers profitable with it? After all, you hear every day that all you have to do is write a bunch of articles, submit them to ezine articles, and wait for the checks to start rolling in.

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For pretty much all of you, the checks will most definitely not start rolling in . In fact, you might not get any checks at all from the many hours you put into it. So you will assume that you really can't make money with article marketing and move on to something else.

Article Marketing Secrets

The good news is that it can be very profitable if done correctly. You just need to learn the right way to do it. Following the steps listed below will practically guarantee that at least some checks do start rolling in. And as you continue to get better at these things, the checks will start to get bigger and bigger.

1. Make sure you pick a product that people are actually looking to buy. Just because you have an amazing product doesn't mean people are searching on google for that product. After all, effective article marketing must be based on a product that is actually in demand in the search engines.

2. Do effective keyword research . Make sure your articles use the keywords that people are using in the search engines. And don't use the very common keywords that have millions of competing web pages. Use what we call long tail keywords.

3. Learn to write titles that grab the readers attention . Don't be boring. Step outside the box. Also make sure that your keyword is at the front of your title.

4. Have an opening paragraph in the main body of your article explaining what the article is about. Have several short paragraphs about the product and then a closing paragraph summarizing what you just wrote about.

5. Your resource box at the end of your article has to focus on the benefits of your offer. You have to pull out all the stops to get the reader to click on your link. You have to give them good reasons to do so or they won't do it. Don't just say to click here for more information. Convince them that doing so is to their benefit.

By following these simple steps, you will soon have an effective article marketing tool resulting in some nice paychecks coming your way on a regular basis.

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