Social Media Certification

Obtain Your Social Media Management Certification and Secure a Career in the Fastest Growing Area of Technology.

Social Media Management is the fastest growing segment of the technology economy and is far outpacing the available candidates to fill the positions currently available and more importantly that are being created. It is a rewarding, creative career that will keep you in demand for decades to come.

FACT: Social Media Managers have become the highest paid segment of the Internet Economy with an average median salary of $73,000 to $116,000.

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The Rapid Growth of Social Media as a Vital Business Tool

It's no secret to any internet user that Social Media websites are growing at massive rate. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Linkedin and dozen of other social media websites are creating not only new opportunities for organizations to reach new audiences, but it also has created a wide open forum where a company can see it's reputation either damaged or improved through social media interaction.

This growth has created an entirely new need for qualified individuals who can prepare and execute successful strategies for social media management. The size and complexity of social media marketing has taken the endeavor from simple after thought to the realm of being a major marketing directive that can make or break the future of the organization.

Certification at a Glance - The Social Media Management program offered by Crawford Technology is a comprehensive virtual campus program that will provide you an extensive understanding of the most current tactics, techniques and strategies for social media management. The 500 hour self paced program will allow you to be an in demand professional within 6 months from enrollment.

Each of the social media sites has it's own guidelines, advantages, principles and techniques and each fits into an overall marketing strategy in a specific fashion. The question many businesses are facing and all are going to face is who on their staff is going to plan, control and manage their social media reputation and marketing efforts?


No one could have predicted the massive growth of social media over the past decade. Just as html programming and website design was not a field of employment just two decades ago no one truly say how important social media was to become for businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. The importance of social social media is no longer a buzz word but a crucial element in how companies interact with their audiences and customers.

Friendster and Myspace set the the foundation for what was to come followed by the massive growth of Facebook. Now dozens of major websites make up the framework of the social media landscape and 100s more niche social media sites are growing monthly as niche audiences are formed creating rapidly growing new audiences.

Social Media represents an massive new market for businesses, organizations and groups to reach these new audiences while developing a stronger, more profitable relationship with their current followers and customers. Budgets that we're once spent on radio and television marketing are now being spent on YouTube videos, Facebook pages and Twitter updates and every business is finding itself in need of a social marketing strategy and capable individuals to manage there social brand. As these mediums keep growing so does the opportunity and importance of encompassing them into a communications strategy.

The fastest growing employment segment of technology is social media management. The demand for qualified individuals is far out growing the available talent pool. Salaries are quickly exceeding the $100,000 level and showing no signs of slowing.

Become a Certified Social Media Manager from the Crawford Institute of Technology

There is always a time in every industry where the opportunity was greatest for involvement. Social Media Management is a field of employment that didn't exist 36 months ago and now is a major need for companies of all sizes. Social Media consulting agencies are springing up and major corporations are scrambling to hire qualified social media managers with the training that the Crawford Institute of Technology can provide you. The opportunity for employment or to begin a career as a consultant / agency owner will never be better than it is right now.

Crawford Tech is a leading Social Certification Training Faculty that is providing students the real world knowledge it takes to succeed as a Social Media Manager. Our face paced training program guides students through every element of social media ranging from how each major medium works to focusing on th epsychology of the user and how to optimize the use of social media sources to advance the reputation and brand of any organization.

Personal Return on Investment Start Your New Career Faster and for a Lot Less Than You May Think

What makes the field of Social Media Management so exciting and attractive to new students is the condensed education period. The virtual learning process provided by our home study program allows a student to progress at their down pace but it is possible with a full time focus to complete the entire course curriculum in less than 5 months.

The total tuition fee for the current enrolling session is $1175, and interest free financing is available to all students regardless of credit or income status meaning you can earn your Social Media Management Certification for just $145 per month.

There has never been a more significant opportunity to begin your future in a true career one that is in demand and where the job and growth opportunities are far exceeding the available talent pool.

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