A Few Tips For Facebook Marketing

As you know everybody seems to be on the social media networks, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. And everybody wants to use it to build their businesses. The problem is that the majority of the people trying social media marketing don't really have a clue of how to do it.

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Haven't you ever gotten a friend request and after you accept them as a friend the first thing you receive is a spam message. That is so annoying! I'm sure you received a message like that.

What I want to do is share with you a few tips on how to be one of the few that really makes a difference. A few tips that can make a difference in your business so you can build relationships and ultimately make money.

A Few Facebook Marketing Tips

First tip: Show a genuine interest in people. Look people aren't dumb and when you don't show genuine interest it's going to be evident by the way you present yourself. Instead of spamming your link everywhere, send a really nice message and get to know your audience, like I said above build a relationship.

Second Tip: Join Facebook groups but not to spam but to build relationships. When you start building relationships people will start to trust and follow your posts. Don't just post link to your biz opp but share value with the people in the group. Remember that online marketing and network marketing is about relationships, like it or not. That is the name of the game in Facebook Marketing.

Third Tip: Always lead with value, I cannot stress this enough. When you lead with value and not a pitch people will start to trust and respect you and look at you as the person to go to. In a big world as big as Facebook it is really difficult to find someone that offers real value and help. Be one of those people.

These are the tips I wanted to share with you, I hope you can apply it to your Facebook marketing strategies. If you got value out of this post leave your comment below. Tell me what think? Tell me what other tips we can add to these.

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