Creative marketing versus conventional marketing

So what do I mean by creative marketing versus conventional marketing?

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Well, conventional marketing is how I would classify the majority of what we see throughout our day. This could be online via Facebook, Twitter or whilst we're doing a search using Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

It could also be while we walk down the street, listen to the radio or watch television. We're surrounded by marketing messages at last count from one of the studies I saw we're subjected to more than 1,400 each and every day!

Conventional marketing is marketing that is standard, not particularly memorable and ordinary. This is the kind of marketing that we see the most of, essentially because many companies look at their competitors or other industries and run with what they feel is a 'safe' option.

Safe equals 'me too' advertising, which equals no differentiation for your business.

This then begs the question WHY should someone choose to do business with you?

This is why creative marketing works, as it cuts through the clutter. It may be an advertisement in the newspaper or the Yellow Pages. It may be a website or a television advert.

The response I often get from business owners is "It won't work for my target audience" normally because "they're too sophisticated" or some similar reason.


This is simply not true. Someone who I have studied for a few years now has a proven method that has worked in almost 100 different industries, ranging from retail outlets to mail order companies, and from law firms to chiropractors and dentists.

This stuff works!

I'll go in to more detail in my next post, as something that I thought would only cover a page or so looks like it's going to develop into a bit of a monster, so stay tuned.

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